1. Art-work for Black ][ Trees
Waiting for release…

    Art-work for Black ][ Trees

    Waiting for release…

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  2. New Sounds by Kenagenashi.

    Ultra-melodic ambient music

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  3. photo

    artwork Abjective - Black Trees album

    artwork Abjective - Black Trees album


    artwork Abjective - Black Trees album

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  5. In anticipation of third full album, which capable to surprise everyone, you can listen to one of the title tracks.


    В преддверии третьего полноценного альбома, который способен удивить всех, вы можете слушать одну из титульных композиций.

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  6. Abjective - Black Trees

    What do the dead trees speak about? About the life and death, love and hate, happiness and pain. When the foliage has fallen and the beauty ceased to be a raison d’etre, the wisdom and knowledge are coming out at the forefront. Black trees - is starlight music that is lost among the bare branches.

    In the third Abjective's album experiences of proximity to death and the births of new life fight cyclically. The knowledge gained from the pain and triumph of rebirth heard in every note.


    О чем говорят мертвые деревья? О жизни и смерти, любви и ненависти, счастье и боли. Когда листва уже опала и красота перестала быть целью, на первый план выходит мудрость и знание. Black trees – музыка света звезд, который теряется среди голых ветвей.

    В третьем альбоме Ablective циклично бьются переживания близости к смерти и рождения новой жизни. Знания, полученные из боли, и торжество перерождения звучат в каждой ноте.

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  7. #pacman #abjective #travel #поездка #worldaroundyou #любимки #outumn #sun #balanceme

    #pacman #abjective #travel #поездка #worldaroundyou #любимки #outumn #sun #balanceme

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  8. Sejectiøn - Imp. Imp – this is a live immersion into sounds.

    Imp – this is a live immersion into sounds.

    A new joint project of Abjective and creative project øutsider clup represents experimental guitar rock recorded at the first attempt. There are no mistakes as the music is pure improvisation.
    Due to the nature of the recording process, the material is just about guitar sounds without lyrics and excess elements.
    In other words, this album sounds interesting if you want to really listen.

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  9. #Keith Kenniff #Recevies

    #Keith Kenniff #Recevies

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